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lava and volcano report guatemala
volcanic activity report guatemala


Guatemala is home to three active volcanoes. Active status means they are still growing and that a hot magma chamber still exists below the Earth's crust which fuels the growth of these young mountains. There are still a lot of travel agencies trying to convince the world that lava is currently flowing on Volcan Pacaya and you can simply poke it with a stick, this is false propaganda. We wish! But the truth is no lava has flowed since the last major eruption on May 27th, 2010. If this changes, we will be the first to update our site and our social media pages. O.X. consistently goes to both Fuego and Pacaya volcanoes (Santiguito only by special request). Volcan Fuego had a major eruption on February 7th, 2015 that covered Antigua in volcanic ash and shut down the Guatemala City international airport. The Fuego volcano remains one of the most active in the world. For more up to date detailed information, please contact our office and ask our Head Guide for the latest. "Lava Report."

volcano activity report guatemala


fuego volcano activity report

Elevation: 3763m/12,346ft
Location: outside of Antigua
Last major eruption:
February 7th, 2015
Duration: 22 hours
Eruption type: massive lava, gas, pyroclastic flows
Emergency Report: evacuations ordered in Sept. 2012. no deaths reported.
Warnings issued: "increased activity" March 2013
CURRENT: trips going to Fuego's camp and knife ridge.


pacaya volcano lava report

Elevation: 2552m/ 8373ft
Location: outside of Guatemala City
Last major eruption: May 2010
Duration: 8 hours
Eruption type: massive lava, gas,
Emergency Report: evacuations ordered, deaths reported.
Warnings issued: none recently
CURRENT: park is open, hike to base, hike to crater rim prohibited due to noxious gases.


santiaguito volcano lava report

Elevation: 3772m/ 12,375ft part of the Santa Maria complex
Location: outside of Quetzaltenango
Last major eruption: 1902 but constant small eruptions
Duration: usually venting in 30 sec. to 1 minute
Eruption type: steam, gas, small lava bursts
Emergency Report: none in past 12 months.
Warnings issued: none recently
CURRENT: able to view volcano from summit of St. Maria (and extended hike to the base)

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facebook de Johnnys place ox expeditions youtube channel