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Volcanic activity in October Guatemala 2013

Yep! She blew again!

A bevy of satellites have caught a bird's-eye view of Guatemala's Pacaya volcano since the peak popped its top on March 2. Pacaya watchers have posted images of ash plumes and glowing lava on their blogs, all from the watchful sensors of four NASA satellites, including Landsat 7 and Landsat 8, Terra and Aqua.

Pacaya volcano is close to the capital, Guatemala City, and just 24 miles (38 kilometers) from resort towns such as Antigua. The 8,373-foot-tall peak (2,552 meters) is one of Guatemala's most active volcanoes and has been belching on and off since January. An explosion on Monday (March 3) opened a new lava vent between the volcano's Cerro Chino and Mackenney crater, according to CONRED, the national hazard-monitoring agency.

On Sunday, Pacaya spewed ash 13,000 feet (4,000 m) into the sky, prompting some flight cancellations, though the ash is moving away from the capital and resorts. The volcano is at yellow alert and no evacuations have been ordered, according to CONRED. Volcanic activity at Pacaya is currently waning, according to the national geological agency, INSIVUMEH.

Posted: March 12th 2013

pacaya volcano activity 2014 pacaya volcano activity 2014
Volcanic activity in October Guatemala 2013


Early Saturday morning, Jan. 11th, 2014 the active Pacaya Volcano saw a new lava flow heading towards the municipality of San Francisco and the volcano alert hazard status was lifted to code ORANGE. This is big news! Tourist crowds have begun the return to the volcano to witness a once in a lifetime event, active lava flows. We hope the flows continue. Overnight camping trips begin at OX immediately. For more information or comments please contact us

Posted: January 12th 2014

Pacaya volcano activity - January 2014
Volcanic activity in October Guatemala
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Posted: December 21st 2013

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