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pacaya overnight camping trip
Pacaya Overnight trip - camping


Elevation: 8,370ft. / 2,552m
Last major eruption: May 2012

*currently there is no flowing lava since this eruption. The volcano is still in "Active" status and has fumaroles and hot spots. Please contact our office for the latest information or check our LAVA REPORT page.

Status: Active

Duration: Two days and one night<

Challenge = EASY:
Family friendly fun tours that are not too involved in the adventure department. Expect 1.5 to 3 hours total of hiking in moderate hiking environment with low technical aspects, just easy trails. Possible for clients of below average fitness.

Excursion Highlight: Watching the sunset at the crater's edge after all the crowds have left the volcano, you have the whole place to yourself.

Includes: All Park Entrance fees, dinner and breakfast, warm clothing, tents, sleeping pads, guide, transportation, etc. Bring a sleeping bag and backpack or borrow/rent one of ours!

Trip Description: This overnight excursion is absolutely the best way to see the volcano. When the sun sets, our small group of campers toast the sunset with a cup of wine and watch as the hoards of tourist rush off the mountain before it gets too dark. We then relax with a hot meal at our camp. After everyone is gone and night is upon us, we then venture into the lava fields in search of the "HOT" spots where we can still roast marshmallows. Experience the volcano the right way, with our small group and spend as much time on the volcano as you want. This is an easy hike of one hour. (Minimum 4 people) Contact us to help you find more folks.

Damage: (U.S.) $79.00

PON Full payment

PON Deposit

50% Discount
Book an overnight tour and
your hostel stay after the tour is half off


$10 TOUR option: If you are just ONE solo traveler and want to jump onto an OX private overnight Pacaya tour, we recommend you come with the minimum number of clients (4) so that we can initiate this tour with you. Our guides and company are the most professionally executed tours in Antigua, but we can not do a tour if we have less than 4. So simply take a tour with a travel agency. (they only offer day trips) They usually charge about $10. per person. You will be totally responsible for your own gear, food, water, entrance fees, etc. They pretty much only cover the transportation. Unfortunately we do not have a recommendation for this service because they all tend to offer low quality tours (hence the price) but it is an opportunity to at least visit the volcano. Be prepared for “hidden / surprise” expenses.

SLEEP: BOOK a BED at our Base Camp for the night before so you can just roll out of bed at whatever awful hour in the morning (6am departure for overnight tour, 5am departure for day trips) and we store your bags in big burly lockers. :) Starting at $8. per night.

WATER: 3 liters minimum and snacks (chocolate bar, nuts, etc.) for 3 rest breaks.

GEAR: Rain Gear is essential anytime of year. Sunscreen, sunglasses, baseball cap, non-cotton clothing, comfortable-capable shoes. If possible, warm jacket, gloves and warm hat. Day-pack is all you need.

KNOW: There is a Pre-Trip Meeting for this tour 30 minutes before your tour departure, so usually at 1:30pm We need to check your gear and explain all the details of your trip. So here a few things to note. At Pacaya the locals will want to sell you the service of a horse. If you need a horse to climb the volcano, it will cost you about Q100. one way. It is only about a one hour hike. If you are not in good physical condition, this is an option. So bring some extra $. Also, the kids at Pacaya will be offering hiking sticks, Q5 per stick. Recommended if you want a very stable hike. :)

Porters also available upon request to carry your bags if you need it.

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We are a professional adventure guide operator. This means we are in the business of chaos management and calculated risk. Environmental factors like bad weather or altitude sickness are out of our control, however the OX Team of Pro-Guides are prepared. Professionalism begins with the preparation and paying attention to details. The OX Team feels this begins from the moment you walk through our door and continues with our drivers, our food, our equipment and the overall experience. This is all a part of the ADVENTURE. The Pro-Team at OX appreciate you giving us the opportunity to execute an adventure that is a positive and memorable one, done the right way!

facebook de Johnnys place ox expeditions youtube channel