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"Three active volcanoes"

Volcan Pacaya (8,370ft / 2,552m)
Volcan Fuego (12,342ft / 3,763m)
Volcan Santiaguito (12,375ft, 3,772m)

Last major eruption:
Volcan Pacaya (May 2010)
Volcan Fuego (February 2015)
Volcan Santiaguito (Constantly)

Status: Picante. Fuego. Hot and stewing.

Duration: (3 volcanoes) Five days, 3 overnights(due to transport time.)

Challenge = OX-TREME:
OK, this is the toughest physical challenge that we offer, this is very physically demanding. This should ONLY be attempted by those in top physical condition. No exceptions! This is NOT a family fun tour. Expect 8 to 10 hours of hiking with a full backpack from 1 to 4 days of hiking. Technical trails with slippery slopes, rock scrambling and steep terrain can be expected.

Excursion Highlights:
Are you kidding? Jet engine gas venting, thunderous explosions, venting hot-spots, pyroclastic flows, fumaroles, etc. etc. Uh did we mention the fire?!!

Night stay at Base Camp, professional guide, breakfast, lunch and dinner (for 5 days), warm clothing, tents, sleeping pads, transportation (5 days),accommodation, Experience of a lifetime!

Trip Description:
Ok folks. This is not a normal everyday excursion... This is an expedition of fire! O.X. will take you to three of the world's most active volcanos in less than a week and by no means is this an easy tour. It is not common to see all of Guatemala's active volcanoes, hiking hard and getting hot. This tour takes us from one end of Guatemala to the other to seek the hot-spots!!! If you got the time and the dough, don't miss it. When you are telling your grandkids about it a few years from now they will think you are the coolest!

Damage: (U.S.) $599.

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Do the TRIDENT tour instead because over the years we have learned that due to lots of time driving to Quetzaltenango, our clients do not enjoy the “Spires” tour as much. It also takes longer, 5 hours one way. It is also hard to get a guide due to the specialized nature of this tour. We need at least one month advanced booking to do this tour.

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The Real Adventure in Guatemala...

We are a professional ADVENTURE guide operator. This means we are in the business of chaos management and calculated risk. We cannot control our environment, we take you into MOTHER NATURE, she will determine your experience. We have no control over the weather, volcanic eruptions or any other form of chaos, we can only prepare to handle these situations. This is why it is called an ADVENTURE. So please do not sign up for any of our tours if you cannot accept our limitations working with nature. The natural world is tough, this is simply the nature of the business. But if you are ready to truly live, then join us for something amazing. OX

facebook de Johnnys place ox expeditions youtube channel