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advanced biking tours antigua guatemala
advanced biking tours guatemala

ADVANCED mountain bike tours

Our mountain biking tours in this category are sure to excite but they are reserved for the experienced rider in great fitness. The Pilar Push is a beautiful ride, it begins with a challenging climb and ends with some epic single track. The PacMan is a longer tour and is the advanced version of our intermediate "Ghost" trail route. These advanced tours are sure to stimulate the avid mountain biker looking for a single track fix. Join us.


Physical Exertion> DIFFICULT:Challenging for a person of average fitness including some up-hill pedaling, potentially bike pushing, over a long time period (30 minutes to 1 hour). The Pilar Push is 5k uphill, about 45 minutes. The PacMan is a mixed up and down (1200ft elevation gain) with bike pushing in the forest.

advanced Biking Tours


pilar push mtb tour

Mountain bike into a nature reserve and begin the big 5k push as you climb a dirt road leading into the highlands and spectacular views of the surrounding volcanoes. Finally put wheel to single track and descend through the forest and finish at the swimming pools below.

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PACMAN "Advanced Ghost Trail"

pacman mountain biking tour

This mountain biking tour is our advanced version of our very popular "Ghost trail." Chase these imaginary ghosts through the hills! It begins in a private "haunted finca" in the highlands over Antigua entering mixed forest and farmland.

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We offer tune-up and repair services here in Antigua at the O.X. location. No matter the bike we can clean it up, tune it up or give it a complete service for very reasonable prices. If you have major repair work that is needed we may or may not be able to obtain parts but we will do our best. Please contact us.

B.Y.O.B. = 30% Discount

Bring Your Own Bike: Yes!! we would love to take you on some amazing mountain bike tours with you riding your own very special bike. The OX mountain bike team can arrange bike tours for a half day, whole day or multiple days covering many locations around Guatemala. Please contact us for more information your desires. We can customize any tour with a minimum of 2 clients. If you want to join in on any of our bike tours with your own bike, you will have a special tour rate as well, 30% off our normal price. Lets Ride!

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We are a professional adventure guide operator. This means we are in the business of chaos management and calculated risk. Environmental factors like bad weather or altitude sickness are out of our control, however the OX Team of Pro-Guides are prepared. Professionalism begins with the preparation and paying attention to details. The OX Team feels this begins from the moment you walk through our door and continues with our drivers, our food, our equipment and the overall experience. This is all a part of the ADVENTURE. The Pro-Team at OX appreciate you giving us the opportunity to execute an adventure that is a positive and memorable one, done the right way!

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