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Yeah, we got some of them! Guatemala is blessed with a diverse and natural landscape with 28 volcanoes that form the backbone of the Guatemalan Highlands. Three such beasts loom over the city of Antigua where the O.X. office is located (Volcanoes: Agua, Fuego and Acatenango). Volcan Pacaya is right in our backyard as well (just not so looming). We offer tours ranging from easy all the way to OX-TREME. Want something mellow but very cool, sleep with O.X. overnight on the famous and active Volcan Pacaya where you escape the crowds and roast marshmallows over hot spots. Short on time but want a bit of a challenge? O.X. will take you to play on a 5 to 5 tour of Volcan Acatenango, it's an all day event but a real beauty. The ultimate overnight is the mighty Volcan Acatenango overnight excursion, sunset & sunrise at 13,000ft while looking down on active and angry Volcan Fuego. Wow!!! For the more extreme, climb on with O.X. as we execute one of our OX-TREME tours like the DOUBLE WHAMMY, TRIDENT or SPIRES of FIRE !!! We are not your Momma's guiding company. We want to provide something raw and beautiful and life changing. But this kind of adventure leans toward the difficult side. So jump on an O.X. tour and join in the fun.

Posted on: May 22nd 2016



Acatenango Day Hike

Our 5 to 5 tour begins early because you must climb up and back in one day. Stunning and beautiful this tour is a crowd pleaser and not to be missed. Do this tour if you do not have time for an overngiht camping experience with us.

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Acatenango overnight Hike

The benefit of an overnight trip is the experience of a sunset and sunrise! Toasting a glass of wine on the peak while the sun sinks below the clouds, watching the sunset over all of Guatemala from 13,044ft / 3976m

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Fuego Volcano Day Hike

This is a long day technical hike that is reserved only for the most fit trekkers. Around one big volcano traversing a beautiful technical trail meandering your way up the slopes of then angry volcano. Have lunch on the stunning knife-ridge.

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fuego volcano overnight trip

Watching the sunset from the volcanic knife-edge ridge on the slopes of the angry beast, Volcan Fuego, while sipping a cup of wine and waiting in anticipation for a little ground shaking cough from the ground underneath you. This one is a technical thriller!

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Recent activity has left marks on this ever growing volcano. Surprise eruptions that burst lava flows from the already cracked crater continue to change the landscape and keep this little volcano exciting. February 2014 and March 2014 saw flowing lava churning down its slopes. But from day to day there is plenty of energy churning just below the surface.

Active, easy and fun for the whole family, Volcan Pacaya is the little volcano that just keeps on giving. More quiet now since the last eruption in May 2010, it is easy to trek over cooled lava flows in search of gas vents and "HOT" spots to roast marshmallows.

Pacaya Day Trip

pacaya daytrip hike guatemala volcano

Still the most fun active volcano in Guatemala. Join in this tour to experience an active volcano still with hot-spots, cooled lava chambers and a broken peak from the big eruption of 2010. Don't forget your marshmallows. A great half day trip.

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pacaya overnight trip

Beat the crowds by sleeping overnight with us on this dynamic-active volcano. See it the right way, with a sunset and sunrise and sleep in a tent under the stars. We take you there and it is an easy family friendly experience.

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So you wanna play with the BIG boys? These volcanoes can pose a serious challenge when climbing just one. This section can best be described as "volcanic drama," a knarly combination of volcanoes in a short amount of time. They demand respect. If you are in good to great physical condition, you should have no problem, however, if you are in just average condition, you might need help to finish these tours. Pacaya is quite easy, but Acatenango, Fuego and Agua volcanoes are all big climbs and should not be taken lightly. The O.X. guide team is ready if you are. Lets go play!


double whammy volcano tour

This is the first of the OX-TREME series and one of the absolute best because you knock out two birds with one stone and get to visit two awesome beasts in a very short amount of time. Hit a beautiful high point with Acatenango and the next day, trek to the epic knife-ridge of the angry beast, Volcan Fuego!!

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Diablo doble volcano hike

Because these are the two smoking horns from the guts of the Earth. We camp on both Volcanoes Pacaya and Fuego so you can roast marshmallows on hot spots and tempt your luck with ground shaking explosions from the other. Exhilarating, not too taxing and an amazing experience as well.

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trident volcano hike

This is an epic volcanic-adventure experience taking you to 3 of the best in Guatemala. Give us three days and we will take you to Pacaya, Fuego and Acatenango and handle all the logistics letting you just enjoy the ride. This one ain't easy kids, apply with caution. Big adventure, short amount of time!

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Spires of Fire volcano hike


Inspired by these magnificent glowing spires, this tour visits all three active volcanoes in Guatemala, Volcanoes Pacaya, Fuego and Santiaguito, taking you from one end of the country to the other. This tour takes a bit more time but guarantees something unforgettable.

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Be careful with this one. The Panchoy Valley is home to 4 volcanoes, this tour takes you to all of them in a short amount of time. Pacaya, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. The POUNDER promises to challenge even the hardiest of souls. Fighting with ancient gods should not be taken lightly. Proceed with caution and be proud upon completion.

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Family friendly fun Bike Tours! Our "EASY" cultural bike tours give you the opportunity to see the amazing beauty of the Antigua, Guatemala valley from the best view possible, the unobstructed view of your bike saddle. Ride your bike with OX as we visit ruins, villages, churches, cemeteries, organic farms, the BUS factory, an eco lodge, swimming pools, a coffee tour, the zip-line, textile production and more on our easy / beginner bike tours. Physical exertion: EASY: Little to no hill climbing, possibly all down hill and or no rough terrain. These bike tours are for any person of average fitness level. Bike Skill Level: BEGINNER: Paved or cobblestone roads, sometimes dirt roads with little to no technical aspects on the route. Technical bike riding being defined as loose gravel, single track trails, bumps or drop-offs, tight turns, rocks or other obstacles, down-hill off the seat travel.


bootville mountain biking tour

This cultural tour takes you to the unique village of Pastores, affectionately called "Bootville!" Yep, boots, boots, boots and other leather goods.

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Ciudad Perdida Mountain Biking Tour

The "Lost City" cultural tour shows you real Guatemala, from Antigua to surrounding villages. See more Antigua from the unobstructed view of a bike!

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Coffee mountain biking tour

This cultural tour takes us out of Antigua on bike and into a majestic coffee farm where you take a tour of the coffee process, from bean to cup! After this 1.5 hour tour, we get back on the bikes and return to Antigua.

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Eco Lodge mountain biking tour

This easy activity tour great for the whole family takes us up into the hills above Antigua in the back up a pick-up truck, Guatemalan style. Then visit a cool eco-lodge. Finally taking a smooth easy ride on bike, back into Antigua.

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hike zip mountain bike tour

Mix it up with this easy activity tour that includes a 1.5 hour hike, a visit to a cool eco-hostel, a thrilling 500 meter-long zip-line over a big valley. Then a smooth bike ride back into town.

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swimming add on

Add the pools to any tour for a refreshing dip into cool refreshing freshwater swimming pools or just head out and relax on any given lazy afternoon.

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picnic and mountain biking tour

Join us for a magic bike tour through the majestic ruins of this beautiful historic city. Your tour finale’ is a beautifully laid out picnic for two (or four).

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MODERATE mountain bike tours

We have some amazing single track trails awaiting the adventurous mountain biker ready to ride the trails. The Hike-Bike-Swim is basic biking on paved, dirt and cobble stone roads and not considered technical. It is listed here due to the the 2.5 hour hike. The GHOST trail is a great mixed medium-cross country mountain bike tour. If you are into pure X-C mountain biking, the GHOST ride is for you. Check it out!

Physical Exertion: MODERATE: medium difficulty for a person of average fitness including some uphill pedaling, potentially bike pushing, over a medium time period (10 to 15 min.). Bike Skill Level: INTERMEDIATE: some technical aspects to the route. Technical being defined as loose gravel, single track trails, bumps or drop-offs, tight turns, rocks or other obstacles, down-hill off the seat travel. Mixed paved, dirt, gravel, mud, rocks and other obstacles and high speed variations that require rider control.


ghost trail mountain biking tour

This tour is marked primarily by dense dark forest with a variation of tight technical turns and quick changes with up and down. A great mixed trail.

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Hike Bike and swimming tour

Hike to a beautiful nature reserve, through the lush rain-forest, cruise down the forest road and finish with a dip in spring fed pools and a cold beer.

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ADVANCED mountain bike tours

Our mountain biking tours in this category are sure to excite but they are reserved for the experienced rider in great fitness. The Pilar Push is a beautiful ride, it begins with a challenging climb and ends with some epic single track. The PacMan is a longer tour and is the advanced version of our intermediate "Ghost" trail route. These advanced tours are sure to stimulate the avid mountain biker looking for a single track fix. Join us.

Physical Exertion> DIFFICULT:Challenging for a person of average fitness including some up-hill pedaling, potentially bike pushing, over a long time period (30 minutes to 1 hour). The Pilar Push is 5k uphill, about 45 minutes. The PacMan is a mixed up and down (1200ft elevation gain) with bike pushing in the forest.


pilar push mtb tour

Mountain bike into a nature reserve and begin the big 5k push as you climb a dirt road leading into the highlands and spectacular views of the surrounding volcanoes. Finally put wheel to single track and descend through the forest and finish at the swimming pools below.

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PACMAN "Advanced Ghost Trail"

pacman mountain biking tour

This mountain biking tour is our advanced version of our very popular "Ghost trail." Chase these imaginary ghosts through the hills! It begins in a private "haunted finca" in the highlands over Antigua entering mixed forest and farmland.

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ZIPPITY-SPLASH-FLY-HIGH-GOOD TIMES! How does that Adventure taste in your mouth! Spicy yeah!!! O.X. has joined forces with some extreme tour providers to extend the heart racing love affair with adventure. Get wet with an amazing sunrise kayak tour(KAYAK) over the glassy waters of beautiful Lake Atitlan. Or hook into Guatemala's highest and longest zip-line that flies you over the trees at almost 50km per hour (ZIP-LINE). Jump off a cliff and ride the thermals like a bird above the magnificent maya realm above Lake Atitlan (PARA-GLIDE). Sleep on the summit of a big volcano (13,000ft / 4,000m) then the next day wax up your surf board as you plunge into the Pacific (SUMMIT to SURF). O.X. offers Epic Adventure Combinations that will surely stimulate your spirit.



Kayak hike tour lake atitlan

Kayak the calm morning waters of beautiful Lake Atitlan. Cool off with a dip in the clear waters of the lake from the rock ledges of the shore and finish this tour with a trek traversing the steep cliffs along ancient mayan footpaths. All apart of this exotic day tour in this high elevation crater lake.

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paragliding lake atitlan

Grab your backpack and prep your kit for this epic Trek which takes you into the Mayan Highlands over mountains and valleys from beautiful Lake Atitlan to the famous Hot Springs of Xela. A hike of unforgettable beauty and eternally stimulating culture of the Guatemalan Highlands.

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Guatemala surfing tours

Yes! There is surfing in Guatemala!! Just a quick ride down the hill from Antigua (2 hours) we leave early and get you to the Pacific so you can enjoy a full day of surfing. You choose if you want to be back by sunset or if you want to stay overnight and chill out with a cold beer to wash the salt taste from your mouth, we can do that too. Surf lessons available.

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Summit to Surf Guatemala tour

Oh Lordy, you've done it now! This is truly an unforgettable experience that some of your friends back home will not believe. Imagine one amazing day when you watch the sunrise above the horizon from 13,000ft / 4,000m and the same day at sunset, you plunge your surfboard into the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Epic!

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forest zipline

Climb the towers in this forest canopy and enjoy the spider web of zip-lines that connects 6 different tower platforms of varied depth, length and height. The Forest zip experience ends with an assisted 40ft rappel down from a tree. Serious fun.

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canyon zipline

This one is sure to get your heart racing as we climb a high platform on the edge of the forest and the canyon below us. The double zip cable seems to stretch on forever as you squint your eyes to follow the line. This one is BIG! Clip in and experience the thrill of a high speed flight some 500 feet above the forest floor and almost 1700 feet long. You can expect to reach speeds of up to 30 miles an hour. Big zip, big fun!

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Combo zipline tour

Mix it up with both amazing zip-line tours offering you the splendor of the forest canopy zip tour as well as the thrilling canyon zip-line action. One takes you through the forest canopy and the other flies you over a big valley some 500ft feet in the air at speeds over 30mph. This is a for sure thriller!

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