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bike tours guatemala
bike tours guatemala

EASY bike tours

Ruins, Villages, Coffee and More...

Family friendly fun Bike Tours! Our "EASY" cultural bike tours give you the opportunity to see the amazing beauty of the Antigua, Guatemala valley from the best view possible, the unobstructed view of your bike saddle. Ride your bike with OX as we visit ruins, villages, churches, cemeteries, organic farms, the BUS factory, an eco lodge, swimming pools, a coffee tour, the zip-line, textile production and more on our easy / beginner bike tours. Physical exertion: EASY: Little to no hill climbing, possibly all down hill and or no rough terrain. These bike tours are for any person of average fitness level. Bike Skill Level: BEGINNER: Paved or cobblestone roads, sometimes dirt roads with little to no technical aspects on the route. Technical bike riding being defined as loose gravel, single track trails, bumps or drop-offs, tight turns, rocks or other obstacles, down-hill off the seat travel.

easy biking tours guatemala


bootville mountain biking tour

This cultural tour takes you to the unique village of Pastores, affectionately called "Bootville!" Yep, boots, boots, boots and other leather goods.

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Ciudad Perdida Mountain Biking Tour

The "Lost City" cultural tour shows you real Guatemala, from Antigua to surrounding villages. See more Antigua from the unobstructed view of a bike!

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Coffee mountain biking tour

This cultural tour takes us out of Antigua on bike and into a majestic coffee farm where you take a tour of the coffee process, from bean to cup! After this 1.5 hour tour, we get back on the bikes and return to Antigua.

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Eco Lodge mountain biking tour

This easy activity tour great for the whole family takes us up into the hills above Antigua in the back up a pick-up truck, Guatemalan style. Then visit a cool eco-lodge. Finally taking a smooth easy ride on bike, back into Antigua.

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hike zip mountain bike tour

Mix it up with this easy activity tour that includes a 1.5 hour hike, a visit to a cool eco-hostel, a thrilling 500 meter-long zip-line over a big valley. Then a smooth bike ride back into town.

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swimming add on

Add the pools to any tour for a refreshing dip into cool refreshing freshwater swimming pools or just head out and relax on any given lazy afternoon.

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picnic and mountain biking tour

Join us for a magic bike tour through the majestic ruins of this beautiful historic city. Your tour finale’ is a beautifully laid out picnic for two (or four).

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MODERATE mountain bike tours

We have some amazing single track trails awaiting the adventurous mountain biker ready to ride the trails. The Hike-Bike-Swim is basic biking on paved, dirt and cobble stone roads and not considered technical. It is listed here due to the the 2.5 hour hike. The GHOST trail is a great mixed medium-cross country mountain bike tour. If you are into pure X-C mountain biking, the GHOST ride is for you. Check it out!

Physical Exertion: MODERATE: medium difficulty for a person of average fitness including some uphill pedaling, potentially bike pushing, over a medium time period (10 to 15 min.). Bike Skill Level: INTERMEDIATE: some technical aspects to the route. Technical being defined as loose gravel, single track trails, bumps or drop-offs, tight turns, rocks or other obstacles, down-hill off the seat travel. Mixed paved, dirt, gravel, mud, rocks and other obstacles and high speed variations that require rider control.


ghost trail mountain biking tour

This tour is marked primarily by dense dark forest with a variation of tight technical turns and quick changes with up and down. A great mixed trail.

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Hike Bike and swimming tour

Hike to a beautiful nature reserve, through the lush rain-forest, cruise down the forest road and finish with a dip in spring fed pools and a cold beer.

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We offer tune-up and repair services here in Antigua at the O.X. location. No matter the bike we can clean it up, tune it up or give it a complete service for very reasonable prices. If you have major repair work that is needed we may or may not be able to obtain parts but we will do our best. Please contact us.


Bring Your Own Bike: Yes!! we would love to take you on some amazing bike tours with you riding your own very special bike. O.X. can arrange tours for a half day, whole day or multiple days covering many locations around Guatemala. Please contact us for more information your desires. We can customize any tour with a minimum of 2 clients. If you want to join in on any of our tours with your own bike, you will have a special tour rate as well. :)

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We are a professional adventure guide operator. This means we are in the business of chaos management and calculated risk. Environmental factors like bad weather or altitude sickness are out of our control, however the OX Team of Pro-Guides are prepared. Professionalism begins with the preparation and paying attention to details. The OX Team feels this begins from the moment you walk through our door and continues with our drivers, our food, our equipment and the overall experience. This is all a part of the ADVENTURE. The Pro-Team at OX appreciate you giving us the opportunity to execute an adventure that is a positive and memorable one, done the right way!

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