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Advanced / Difficult mountain bike tour

This advanced mountain bike tour is our longer, more technical version of our very popular "Ghost trail." Chase these imaginary ghosts through the hills surrounding beautiful Antigua, Guatemala. It begins in a private "haunted finca" in the highlands over Antigua entering mixed forest and farmland and both dirt roads and single track cutting through the forest on mixed cross country trails, up and down. This section is a fast mixed single track chapter. Some pretty technical aspects but all can be avoided if need be by the less experienced mountain biker.

Second is long dirt track that exits through civilization, which then enters forest once again, taking you on steep climbs on both paved roads and down dirt donkey paths. Valley and ridge and valley and ridge. There will be some bike pushing as you ascend through forest sections too steep to ride.

The third and last section is the X-C (cross country mountain biking) down hill. You will enter a small section of single track cutting through a forest then suddenly enter farmland where the trail is narrow and fast like riding for your lives while the ghosts quickly pursue you. The single track bike trail leads you back into the forest again where the descent really heats up, technical fast turns and wavy down hill finally deposits you back into the Panchoy Valley where Antigua and the cobblestone streets greet you. You will definitely want a cold beer to wash the dust out of your mouth. CHEERS!

Trip Duration: 2-3 hours

Trip Cost: $45

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We know the name and presentation of this one might seem silly, but these ghosts and this ride is going to kick your butt. Get ready to ride!!! Bring extra water. HAVE FUN!!

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The Real Adventure in Guatemala...

We are a professional ADVENTURE guide operator. This means we are in the business of chaos management and calculated risk. We cannot control our environment, we take you into MOTHER NATURE, she will determine your experience. We have no control over the weather, volcanic eruptions or any other form of chaos, we can only prepare to handle these situations. This is why it is called an ADVENTURE. So please do not sign up for any of our tours if you cannot accept our limitations working with nature. The natural world is tough, this is simply the nature of the business. But if you are ready to truly live, then join us for something amazing. OX

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